What are Gemstone?
Gems may be described as minerals or organic matter used for personal adornment or investments. Besides a few exceptions like ivory, pearls, coral and amber ; all gemstones are minerals.

Astrological uses of gemstone- Wearing gemstones help in diminishing the inauspicious effect of the planets. Each planet is determined by a specific gemstone and worn after carefully examining a person's horoscope.

Chrysoberyl (1)

Saltwater Natural Pearl (4)

Blue Sapphire (नीलम) (67)

Cat's Eye (लहसुनिया) (106)

Emerald (पन्ना) (68)

Hessonite (गोमेद) (61)

Opal (ओपल) (54)

Pearl (मोती) (66)

Red Coral (लाल मूंगा) (76)

Ruby (माणिक) (51)

Yellow Sapphire (पुखराज) (116)

Amethyst (कटेला, जमुनिया) (7)

Citrine (सुनहला) (19)

Iolite (काका नीली) (12)

Moonstone (चंद्र मणि) (19)

Peridot (पेरिडोट) (5)

Pitambari / Neelambari (पीतांबरी/नीलांबरी) (18)

Topaz (टोपाज़) (13)

Turquoise (फिरोज़ा) (40)

White Sapphire (सफ़ेद पुखराज) (35)

Zircon (ज़िरकोन) (6)